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A Nice Walk Could Get You Paid

You can use the Oscar app to sync your steps, and when you reach your daily step goal, you’ll earn $1 per day, up to $100 per year! *. You can use Apple Health, Google Fit, or your preferred fitness tracker to track your steps. Tap the ‘steps icon’ to start using the Oscar app. You can use the reward money to buy an Amazon® Gift Card to begin shopping.


Oscar rewards app

Your Rewards

Oscar’s Step Rewards program members can earn up to $100 yearly by connecting a step tracker with the Oscar app. Once you succeed in your daily step count, you will receive $1. Members can earn up to $100 for a year. Reward points can be redeemed for an Amazon gift card.

For Florida Residents
Florida residents can get a $100 gift card through the Florida Rewards Program* by accomplishing a few tasks. Find more details on the website

How to Earn Points

Sync the Oscar app with your step-tracking app, and start walking. Once you achieve your daily steps objective, you will earn $1 (Up to $100 a year) *.
For Florida Residents

  • Create an account
  • Download the mobile app
  • Complete your health survey
  • Opt into paperless communication
  • Enroll in auto pay*
  • Complete your annual wellness visit

Visit Oscar to Activate Your Account and Start Earning Your Rewards

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